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Nonino Traditionale (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

The Grappa Tradizionale derived from a variety of red and white grapes.

Nonino Lo Chardonnay Bianco (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

Selected marcs of the variety Chardonnay is made the grappa Nonino Lo Chardonnay Bianco. Distinguished by its fine, soft, elegant aroma with hints...

Nonino Lo Chardonnay in Barique (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

Selected fresh and soft skins of varietal Chardonnay. Slightly amber color due to the short period of his stay in the barrel. Fine, soft, elegant...

Nonino Amaro (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

Unique aroma of mountain herbs that refined by UE ®, Nonino Grape Distillate, after aging in barrels.

Σέμελη Απόσταγμα "3" (0,50lt)

(excluding taxes)

Το διαυγές κεχριμπαρένιο απόσταγμα με τα πλούσια αρώματα κυκλοφορεί πλέον με νέα ετικέτα, ακολουθώντας το concept του σχεδιασμού όλων των ετικετών...

Farfalle Moscato Grappa (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

Μια ιταλική γράπα με απαλή και φρουτώδη αίσθηση

Grappa Julia Morbida (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

The Grappa Julia Morbida is bottled immediately after the distillation.

Teeling Spirit of Dublin Irish Poitin (0,50lt)

(excluding taxes)

Είναι η νέα πρώτη έκδοση που προέρχεται από το Teeling Whiskey distillery. Εμφιαλώνεται κατευθείαν μετά την τριπλή απόσταξη σε χάλκινο αμβυκα,...

Ue Uva Bianca (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

Distillate of fresh white grapes Monovitigno, Ribolla, Moscato and Malvasia harvested at the right point of maturity to maintain perfectly in the...

Nonino il Moscato (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

H Nonino il Moscato has elegant, soft and sensual aroma of rose, thyme and vanilla.

Nonino il Merlot (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

Selected fresh and soft skins of fine varietal Merlot. The smell reminds once grapes are pressed.

Απόσταγμα Σταφυλιού Μοσχάτο Αμβούργου (0,20lt)

(excluding taxes)

Shiny in appearance, with strong aromatic nose with fruity aromas of citrus fruits such as bergamot and bitter orange, white-fleshed fruit such as...