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Spiced Rum (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

Discover the truly superior taste spicy rum El Dorado. This exotic alcoholic drink has the style, quality and origin that one would expect from...

El Dorado 3 Ετών (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

Rum El Dorado 3 years aged for at least three years in oak barrels, and then double-filtered through natural charcoal. While it may have the...

El Dorado 8 Ετών (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

A recent addition to the range is the El Dorado beautiful golden Demerara rum from Guyana, this brilliantly versatile rum works well in a luxury...

El Dorado Classic Cask 12 Ετών (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

An elegant multi-award winning rum, El Dorado 12 Year Old typifies the mature smooth sweetness of Demerara rum. Enjoy neat, on the rocks or in a...

El Dorado Classic Cask 15 Ετών (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

Long recognized as a leading Caribbean rum, continuously winning major awards in the last decade, it is considered as a fine cognac, as rum that...

El Dorado Classic Cask 21 Ετών (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

Designed for true connoisseurs of rum with subtle warm delicacy that is best to taste anyone late - and is shared with very few special friends....

Banks 5 Island (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

Banks 5 Island is a blend of five rum distillery in Trinidad, Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana. They add a little Batavia Arrack from Java and the...

Karukera Gold Of Guadeloupe (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

Guadeloupe Karukera Rhum Gold is an amber rum with notes of vanilla, oak and fruity notes of mango and peaches. On the palate, balanced and smooth...

Atlantico Private Cask (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

Atlantico Private Cask is a mixture of small batches of rums aged up to 25 years. Made in the Dominican Republic, this is a rum to drink neat.

Bally Blanc (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

A white rum from Martinique. This J Bally Blanc was distilled from fresh sugar cane juice in style rhum agricole. The nose is fresh and clean with...

New Grove Plantation (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

A simple white rum from Mauritius, the New Grove. Sweet and slightly coconut with a hint of grass, as it should have flavor cane. It will make...

Rum XM V.X.O. 7 Ετών (0,70lt)

(excluding taxes)

7 year old rum Guyana, VXO offers unique flavors of winter spices, chocolate and tropical fruits.