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Buffalo Trace (0,70lt)

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Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey αποστάζεται, ωριμάζει και εμφιαλώνεται στο πιο βραβευμένο αποστακτήριο στον κόσμο. Κατασκευασμένο...

Maker's Mark (0,70lt)

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The Maker's Mark is the first and only "Handmade Bourbon" .The each batch does not exceed 19 barrels. In the fermentation method is used sour mash...

Jim Beam (0,70lt)

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The world's No. 1 bourbon is aged in oak, inner scorched casks for at least four years, ie more than two years as required by the law for the...

Canadian Club (0,70lt)

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The Canadian Club comes first by far to the category of the Canadian whiskey worldwide.

Canadian Club 12 Ετών (0,70lt)

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For the creation of the Canadian Club Classic 12 years, the mixing of spirits is the unique style of the barrel blending.

Four Roses (0,70lt)

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The Four Roses bourbon belongs to a class of consumers with particular tastes and stands out among them for the unique, smooth taste that...

Buffulo Bill Bourbon (0,70lt)

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Old Grand-Dad (0,70lt)

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A legendary bourbon with a high rye content in the blend distillation, giving intensive spicy aromas and flavors. Fans of the genre will love it...

Jack Daniel's (0,70lt)

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From 1866 until today is produced in the same traditional way in the small town of Lynchburg Tennessee (USA). He has been awarded seven times...

Gentleman Jack (0,70lt)

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It owes its individuality in a unique style: double filtering through maple charcoal. Once before maturing and again a few years later, before...

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel (0,70lt)

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Bourbon Woodford Reserve (0,70lt)

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Whiskey with a unique character and personality, Woodford Reserve has established itself as a benchmark for other bourbons. In March 2005 has...