Pay by selecting one of the following payment methods:

1)Cash on delivery (only for Greece) and for purchases up to EUR 500

α) a) If you have chosen the delivery of your products from our company, you pay in our employee the price of your order, as well as transportation costs for orders that are less than 200 euros.
β) If you have chosen the delivery of your products via courier company,you pay in the employee of the courier company the price of your order and the delivery costs.


2)Via Credit / debit card charge

The charge on your credit card is made the day of initiation of dispatch of products. The informs you that it has taken all necessary measures for the security of your transactions through your credit card and all credit card holders are subject to validity of checks.On no occasion doesn't keep personal information on your card. (No. card code for safety etc.), as the process of payment by credit card takes place within the secure server of the bank. In this case, the credit cards that you can use are the Mastercard and VISA.


If you keep an account Paypal, you can make your purchases with the most secure, easy and direct payment for the products that you have ordered, without making any disclosure of personal data of your credit card (number of your card,security code etc.). In case you do not keep account Paypal, you can get directly through the email address

4)Via bank deposit to our bank accounts

You can also deposit money of your order to one of the following accounts of the company ZOURNATZIDIS, K., & CO. EE :

Bank EUROBANK, ACCOUNT No: 00260468 19 0200139215, IBAN: GR 9302604680000190200139215
Bank ALPHA BANK, ACCOUNT No: 726002320000369, IBAN: GR 3801407260726002320000369
Bank WINBANK, Account No: 6640109108694, IBAN: GR 9201716400006640109108694
Bank NATIONAL (NBG) Account No: 87844023678, ΙΒΑΝ : GR 6701108780000087844023678

Once you have deposited money in one of these bank accounts and send us the bank order payment to fax 23920 72040 or e-mail [email protected], we will begin to prepare your order

5) Pay at the address of our company:

Finally, you can visit us at the address in Kardia Thessaloniki (Neon Rision, ZIP 57500), to pay directly the price of your order and receive products from Monday to Friday, hours: 08:00-17:00